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Eye Exams


An annual eye exam is recommended for all ages.  During a routine eye exam, we will check to see if corrective lenses are needed, test your eyes to make sure they are working together properly, screen for glaucoma, and do a health evaluation to look for eye and systemic diseases.  We can also fit you for contact lenses at this visit if requested.  We can bill your vision insurance for the services when applicable.


If you have an eye infection, dry eyes, allergies, styes, or cataracts we can recommend a treatment plan to suit your needs.  If you suffer from an eye disease, such as glaucoma or macular degeneration, we can manage these diseases for you as well.  The frequency of these exams is up to the doctor's discretion and based on individual needs.  We can bill your medical insurance for the services when applicable.  


If you get a foreign body in your eye, wake up with eye pain, or have a sudden decrease in vision we can usually get you in the same day for an appointment.  If you think you have an eye emergency please contact the office as soon as possible. We can bill your medical insurance for the services when applicable.

Regardless of your age or physical health, it is important for everyone to have regular eye examinations.

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